Are you offering payroll services in Australia? Payroll service is incredibly useful across a host of small and medium enterprises, yet can be awkward for business owners to advertise. Here are some ways to boost your business.

Remember the point is to promote payroll outsourcing.

The point of running a promotion, in any business, will be to attract new customers, and extend further services to existing customers. You may already have clients investing in other bookkeeping and accounting services, who you can encourage to sample your payroll services. Remember, customers will either come looking for you for specific reasons- say, they are experiencing issues with existing payroll services in Australia, or they need to find a payroll service to begin with. Otherwise, they may be simply attracted to you due to good marketing or exposure.

Your business promotion for your payroll services needs to follow several simple rules. You need a defined start and end, you need to provide an incentive over that period for new customers and existing customers both to be encouraged to sample the new service, and you need to be able to manage it easily within existing infrastructure. The business of getting a promotion just right tends to be a little trial and error. Trying different promotion types can, however, be a great way to determine which work for you and your payroll outsourcing business.

What types of incentives can I offer?

There’s a host of ideas you can try on your payroll services promotion. Bundled and add on service promotions generally go down very well, as do free trial periods. Register to win a give-away, referral discounts for customers who bring in business, and more community orientated projects such as kids competitions and more can be effective, but are trickier to balance then the first category.

What else do I need to do to promote my payroll outsourcing?

Make sure that your existing marketing material is up to date and streamlined. This can include email signatures, business cards, services, websites and letterheads as well as social media accounts you may be running. Make sure the promotional material you are using is fresh, up to date, and easily incorporated into existing material. Likewise, don’t forget about it as soon as the promotion is over. Remove it as soon as is appropriate. Remember that payroll services are quite a unique field to advertise, as the client you will bring in span such diverse industries. This means you need to make sure that the wording and offers are generic enough to appeal across a broad variety of subjects Highlight benefits of payroll outsourcing, like the reduction in time and increase in accuracy it will bring to their business. Customers don’t like to interact with massive amounts of text. Make things short, sweet and simple to attract the attention quickly within seconds.

Marketing a unique niche like payroll services in Australia isn’t as hard as you may think, but does require a sensible, dedicated strategy to maximise your benefits.